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Stuart Mackinnon

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Stuart Mackinnon is active in parks and green space issues, with a  focus on access, preservation, and conservation. He has been a board member  of many non-profit organizations including Axis Theatre, the Wilderness  Committee, Follow Dr. Norman Bethune to China, and SPEC (the Society  Promoting Environmental Conservation).

From 2008-2011 Stuart was an elected Vancouver Park Board  Commissioner representing the Green Party of Vancouver. He also served as a Trustee of the Vancouver Public Library (2008-2010).

In 2012 Stuart became a Governor of the Vancouver Botanical Garden  Association (VanDusen Gardens/ Bloedel Conservatory), where he  served as the 2nd Vice-President until being re-elected to the Park Board.

Re-elected in 2014 and 2018 as a Park Board Commissioner, Stuart has served as the Liaison to Champlain Heights, Britannia, Sunset, Kensington, and RayCam CCAs, as well as to the Cultural Communities Advisory Committee. Stuart will also serve another term as a Trustee of the Vancouver Public Library representing the Park Board.

In December 2017, Stuart was elected Chair of the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation. In November 2018 Stuart was re-elected for another year as Chair.

Stuart has been a public school teacher for 28 years and is currently the Special Education Department  Head and School Based Resource Teacher at Killarney Secondary in  Vancouver.

Stuart is a Dragon Boat racer with the Conquering Waves team. He lives, works, and shops in the Fraserlands neighbourhood in southeast Vancouver.

Better Parks for Vancouver

Vancouver’s natural beauty is worth protecting. Our children not only  need places to play, but also places to enjoy and explore nature. We  all need places of tranquil refuge from our busy lives. 

Community-driven planning  

Residents know what they want from their parks and recreation  facilities. Community centre associations know best what their members  want in programming. That's why for the past four years Stuart has been working on a stronger partnership between the Park Board and community organizations reflecting these values.


Accessible, safe public spaces for everyone 

The need — and the desire — for more public spaces will continue to  increase as Vancouver densifies. To ensure a healthy city, our citizens need vibrant public spaces. Stuart has been working toward accessible spaces for everyone, regardless of age, income, gender, or ability.


Revitalized facility and park infrastructure 

For the past 4 years, Stuart has been at the forefront of prioritizing infrastructure renewal. Over the years our recreational facilities have been neglected:  neighbourhood outdoor pools have been closed; community centres have  deteriorated; and too little money has been reinvested. Many community  centres need to be replaced but not enough money has been allocated in the City’s Capital Plans.

Get Involved

Stuart  has been working for better parks for 20 years. He continues to  work on your behalf. If you want to help make better parks too, why not join the Green Party of Vancouver!

If you want to contact Stuart e-mail him at:

Vancouver's Green Team 2018

L-R: Camil Dumont, Pete Fry, Dave Demers, Lois Chan-Pedley, Adriane Carr, Michael Wiebe, Stuart Mackinnon, Janet Fraser, David Wong, Estrellita Gonzalez 

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Together, the Green Party of Vancouver team is your independent  voice on Council, Park Board and School Board. We bring the fresh  collaborative leadership that we need in order to build a better  Vancouver, together.

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Public interest must come first. As  Greens, we’re committed to a brighter future for our city: an inclusive,  equitable, and sustainable future. We are striving for a city that  values you, our economy and our environment. You can help us get there.

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The Green Team for Parks

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Stuart Mackinnon

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Find Out More About Stuart and Parks Issues

Stuart blogs at Better Parks for Vancouver. 

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Better Parks for Vancouver

Re-Elect STUART MACKINNON for Park Board Commissioner

On October 20th more people voted for Stuart than any other Park Commissioner ever. Thank you. 

Along with Stuart, Vancouver elected Michael Wiebe, Pete Fry, and Adriane Carr for City Council. 

Janet Fraser, Lois Chan-Pedley, and Estrellita Gonzalez for School Board

And Dave Demers, and Camil Dumont, for Park Board

Thank you Vancouver for voting GREEN.

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